Camel ride at beach in Mexico

group camel riding
group riding camels

For a unique excursion in Mexico, consider taking a camel ride.  You’d expect to have an opportunity to ride a camel when visiting Egypt or Morocco, but now, visitors to Mexico have the same opportunity.  While your ride will take you over sand, it won’t be through a desert, it will take  you along the beaches.

Imagine sitting atop a giant dromedary watching the  horizon across an ocean, hearing the surf and feeling the camel below you.   Camel rides can be arranged in San Cristobel, Los Cabos  and also in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico.  This unique adventure is a great way to see more of Mexico and learn more about these unique animals.

There are a few things you should know about camels.  They drink about 40 gallons of water at one time, then if they are tired, they will sit or lie down, in which case you will just have to wait for them to be ready to move again.  Don’t bother arguing with them or they will spit at you.

If camel riding isn’t for you, consider seeing the area on horseback, from a hot air balloon, with a 4×4 jeep or hiking.  The possibilities are endless in paradise.  You can spend your time on the beach, take a bike riding tour to an ancient mayan ruin or take a canapy tour.

Your best value will be seen by booking well in advance, to save time and avoid the disappointment of a sold out tour.

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