Enjoy Polar Vortex Travel to Alaska or Antactica

Iditarod finish line
Iditarod finish line

Dealing with the Polar Vortax is easier than you think.  After weeks of hearing that the continental US is experiencing colder temperatures than Alaska and even Antarctica, I’ve decided it might just be the year to bundle up and visit these places.  If for no other reason than to warm up, we should take this opportunity to chase the warmer breezes and see some new places.

For me, the Iditarod calls out, with this year’s race beginning on March 2.  The festivities in the week leading up to the races might just be as much of a highlight as seeing the ceremonial start to the race in Anchorage or the post start the day after.

Imagine the excitement at the kennels when dogs are chosen for sleds, their positions determined and their mushers prepped.  I can’t help but think of Rudolph and his quest to lead Santa’s sleigh.

Wildlife and northern lights, both more visible in the winter skies, are another reason to venture north next month.

We survived the polar vortex in New England, why not survive it in it’s homeland?

There are only a few opportunities to visit Antarctica during the course of a year.  The months of December, January and February bring the warmer temperatures and the cruise companies are ready to offer clients the opportunity of a lifetime.   Celebrity cruises offer a 14 day adventure departing Buenos Aires.  This is the shortest full voyage out there, but for people with more time, the exploration can continue for up to a month.

If we are going to bundle up and accept this new cold as normal, let’s try to feel it in it’s homeland.

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