Hiking Echo Point Three Sisters Blue Mountains Australia

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Three Sisters Rock Formation

We arrived at Echo Point and were just taken back by the magnificent rock structures to our east.  The Three sisters stood proud and ominous just out of reach from the viewing area.  The clouds were eerily below us in a Jamison Valley that stretched for miles.

Catching a glimpse of a stairway that few people did more than look at, we couldn’t resist making our way to the forest below.  We each had a bottle of water and nothing else.  We’d put about an hour on our parking meter, what more could we need.

Stairway to Jameson Valley

Stairway to Jameson Valley

We started down those stairs on that beautiful morning, not even noticing, really that all the other tourists were just watching from the lookout.  A few people walked down a few flights of stairs to take some photos after a while, but nothing more.

We loved the view from that lower level and eventually descended further and further to the forest below.  After a few hours, we realized we hadn’t seen a soul and we’d bounced down about sixty (no that’s not a typo), sixty flights of stairs to the canyon floor.

When we finally arrived there, we found beautiful trails along the plushest green carpet of earth we had ever seen.  There were birds overhead, and an occasional lizard, but still, no sign of people.

Wendy on the Echo Point Hike

Wendy on the Echo Point Hike

We walked on for a while more and at one point passing directly below the Three Sisters rock formation.  We could see, far above us, a lone rock climber hanging from the Sisters, but no one else.

Finally, we came to a flight of stairs that would lead us back up to civilization, our water long gone, our legs tired and we were getting hungry.  The jungle called.  We decided to press on.

We crossed a valley and eventually came to a cog railway where we were able to hitch a ride up to the top.  There was a snack shop and store.  Continue to my next blog.


Ferns on the valley floor

Ferns on the valley floor


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