Flight path enroute Detroit to Beijing

Our flight path from Detroit to Beijing takes us due north to the Arctic Circle, across the Bering Sea, then in over Russia.

With thirteen hours of flight time, I would have expected a similar route to those we’ve taken to Japan, and South Korea when we went over Alaska and across the China Sea. They were more of a straight line.

Flight path to Beijing
Flight path to Beijing

Today we got lucky and have been upgraded to business class. We managed to kill three hours with dinner and a movie already. If there is ever a time to use frequent flyer upgrade points, it’s for oceanic crossings.  Though we don’t really have a set schedule for sleep, we will try to emulate our new time zones as soon as possible.  This means we should try to sleep early on in the flight and for as long as possible then have a lunch before our arrival at 4 PM.

This will position us nicely to go out in the evening then go to sleep for the night, starting fresh on Tuesday morning on Asia time and ready to see the world.  With exactly seven and a half hours or half of our flight completed, the lights go on and an announcer apologizes for waking us. A doctor and any other medical personnel are needed in the rear of the plane.

My air traffic mind immediately opens the tv screen to see our location. We are nowhere, someplace near the North Pole in the Arctic Sea. I wonder where we would land should they decide to divert but for now we are pressing on. Maybe there’s not much choice.

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