Giant Pandas at the Beijing Zoo

The Giant Pandas are the focal point of the Beijing Zoo and rightly so. They can be seen in few places around the world and even fewer zoos have such a variety of viewing locations and panda houses.

Giant panda walking a branch at the Beijing Zoo.

We were lucky on this beautiful spring day to see three different pandas, all active, each in its own habitat.

Our late afternoon visit was correctly predicted to be the best time of day to catch these unique animals awake and active.  While some were pacing and cautiously watching us watching them, one was fully enjoying her play area and performing for the crowds.  All were magnificent to watch, as they waddled their cuddly bodies around their yards.

There are less than 50 giant pandas in zoos around the world and most of them were born in China and moved or loaned to other zoos at a later time.

A visit to Beijing would not be complete without a stop at the zoo.  It is clean and well kept, with a nice flow for visiting the many animals.  Our group also enjoyed the monkey antics as well as the bird displays.

There was another unique thing at this zoo, the cotton candy isn’t pink or blue, it’s white.  It didn’t look nearly as tempting, especially from a visual standpoint but the locals seemed pretty happy with it.

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