What happens on an Ireland tour group vacation?

An Ireland tour group vacation isn’t the return to her roots that your grandmother might have experienced.  Today’s tour group vacations focus on saving you time, saving you money, and making every moment of your precious vacation count.


While there are many variations of tours, from walking to riding on a large or small bus or train to biking, the most common is the bus tour.  Generally, no more than a few hours each day is spent on a bus, but this is a great question to ask when planning your trip.

Value and Cost

There are tours that meet every travelers budget.  Tours generally save a traveler about 30% as compared to them booking the same itinerary on their own.  This is partially due to their bulk purchasing, and also because the travel professionals know where to get the best value for dollars spent.  They choose accommodations and meals that are a step above the norm and eager to please to insure return business.  You’ll get to know the locals.

Galway beach

Time Savings

How many hours would you spend developing a trip itinerary and planning your needs over the internet only to find frustration when trying to use a credit card conversion chart to figure out the true cost after currency conversion.  How many times have you read a fantastic or terrible review to find the exact opposite when you arrive.  Leave the planning to someone who knows the area and the people they are dealing with.  The package price will be in US dollars and there will be no need to guess what the cost of your vacation will be.

On a preplanned itinerary, you can expect to arrive at tourist attractions with the tickets already purchased and quite often an arrangement for the entire group to skip the lines.  A guide will escort you to the highlights and offer history and cultural stories as well as answer questions.  Most times, you will still have time to wander on your own, whether you want to sit on a bench and listen to the waves crashing at the Cliffs of Moher or write your name in the sand in Galway.

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