How the President is chosen in China

Have you ever wondered how the president is chosen in China, when there is no election process to put him into office?  In China, the government procedures are very different than they are in the free world and the people of the Republic of China have very few opportunities to make their wishes known.

DSCN6011About five years in advance of a presidential appointment, the identity of the future president is published to notify the people of China. The people won’t vote or hold elections but the government will decide who will rule and notifies the country.

The president will stay in office for one to two terms; a single term is 5 years long. He will normally be the Secretary of a large province prior to his appointment to president, but not always.

The top official in the country is technically the general secretary-the leader of the communist party.  Unlike the USA, the top official is not the president. It is traditional, though, that one person holds both the general secretary and the president’s position in China.  This is similar to the President of the USA also holding the position of Commander in Chief. Aside from that, there is no similarity between the governing bodies in these two countries.

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