Ireland Vacation Travel Planning

Ireland vacation travel planning is fun and exciting.  There are so many options to choose from in this English speaking paradise where the people are friendly and welcoming, the value for dollars spent is very good due to a slower economy and the temperate climate is wonderful for outdoor activities.

There are several tour companies who offer group tours.  You can choose from a five day sampler to a fourteen day full country tour.  Another option is a self drive vacation for those who don’t mind keeping left and driving a stick shift.  The self drive vacations are perfect for multigenerational travel, where you’d like the option to stop for lunch on your own clock (be it still on east coast time or adjusted to European time).

Others who may enjoy the self drive would include couples who prefer to spend time alone, adventurers who want to get off the beaten path and do some hiking on the many scenic trails and those who want to drive the famous Ring of Kerry scenic route.

Ireland is easily reached from the USA with flights on Delta, Continental, Aer Lingus and USair.  There are three airports to choose from, the most popular being Dublin, Ireland’s capital city.  Shannon Airport is a good option if you prefer to tour in the southern sections of the Emerald Isle, such as for guests who have been to Dublin on previously trips and want to do some of the coastal routes.  The third airport is Belfast, which is in Northern Ireland.

However you choose to travel through this beautiful and inviting country, you will have several months of temperate weather to choose from, although the summer months are the most common due to the warmer temperatures that range from 70-80 degrees.

A travel agent can help you find the options that best suit your needs, as well as get you the best value for your vacation dollars.

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