Jamison Valley Hiking|Blue Mountains Australia

Old tree in Jamison Valley Australia
Old tree in Jamison Valley Australia

Continued from Hiking Echo Point.

Arriving back from our hike in the Jamison Valley, water was our biggest need, so Jared went for the water.   I told him I needed to step into the rest room, it felt like something was scratching the back of my knee.

When I dropped my pants, all I could see was this blob on the back of my leg, and blood dripping down my leg.  I just didn’t know what to do.  Of course, I wasn’t going to touch it.  Oh and no way could I let it suck me dry.   I just stood and stared, not really sure what to do.  Eventually, I got my pants back in order and went outside.

By then, there was blood on the leg of my pants.  An employee was walking in and she asked what was wrong.  I told her something was wrong but I had no idea what it was.  This is when she told me to check the rest of my body for more leeches.  She went to the snack bar and got these packets of salt for me to put on the suckers to make them let go.  It’s not easy to get leeches off your skin.

They actually keep individual packets of salt for the few ignorant hikers who didn’t know to tuck their pants in to their socks when descending into the Jamison Valley.   One by one, those disgusting creatures fell to the floor.

My next move was to find Jared and have him check for leeches.   He immediately took his shoes off when I told him my story.  There he stood with two white socks, totally covered in blood.  In his case, the leeches got down into his shoes and were feasting.  That night, we talked about the African Queen and how Humphrey Bogart was so brave to go in the river the fix his boat knowing about the leeches.

Echo Point Blue Mountains Australia Wendy and Jared
Echo Point Blue Mountains Australia Wendy and Jared

We had to take an aerial tram across the valley to get back to our car.  The car, by now, had been parked for most of the day with just an hour on the meter.  Somehow, we got lucky and didn’t get a ticket.  So, we went back to our starting point and got one last picture as a keepsake to this memorable day.

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