Need to know New Zealand rules of the road

Rules of the road when driving in New Zealand are pretty basic in this country of just 4 million people.

Keep left.  This former British land, made up in majority of Polynesians, continues to drive on the left.

Not to worry, it’s easy to navigate as road signage is well defined and easy to comprehend.
  One big difference you will find driving in NZ is the one way bridges.  When there is space for one vehicle at a time, follow this signage.
The speed limit is never over 100 kilometers, or 62 miles per hour.  In built up areas, it is normally about 50 km or 32 mph.  Camper vans, trailers and other heavy vehicles are restricted to 90 km or roughly 55 mph.

The minimum age for rental cars is generally 21, however those 18-20 year olds can rent and pay an extra insuance premium with some agencies.  

While drivers over 20 have an alcohol consumption limit of two drinks, drivers under 20 have zero tolerance. They can’t drive if any alcohol was consumed.

Seat belt usage is compulsory and carries a $150 fine for non Comanche.