Ocean or River Cruise- The Differences

Cruise European Rivers
Cruise European Rivers

What’s the difference between an ocean cruise and a river cruise?  River cruises generally focus on cultural and historical sites.  Ports are often right in the city center with included tours and excursions of nearby castles, museums and other points of interest.

Ocean cruises offer a lot of night time entertainment as well as daytime fun onboard.  Many ports of call are at beaches and tourist spots known for shopping and dining.

While at sea, the beauty and tranquility of a distant horizon are seen while cruising.  On a river cruise, vineyards, castles, mountains and small villages catch our eye.  Large cruise ships carry up to several thousand guests compared to river cruises that host no more than two hundred.  All meals are served in an elegant setting with highly trained staff who present meals representing the local culture.  Complimentary beer and wine are often included at meals.

ocean cruise ship
ocean cruise ship

About 80 percent of river cruise cabins have floor to ceiling views of the river and surrounds, many with traditional or French balconies.   A river cruise ship is often in port throughout the evening allowing guests to fully immerse in the local entertainment and culture.

While ocean cruisers enjoy a zip line or casino during down time, the river cruisers are socializing or listening to guest speakers discuss the culinary history of the region.

At first glance, river cruising may appear expensive in comparison to ocean cruising but when the all inclusives and coincidentals are considered, the costs are actually quite comparable.  Many guests appreciate knowing exactly what their vacation will cost at the time of booking, similar to those who prefer all inclusive resorts.

Thanks to Viking River Cruises and several million dollars per year spent on marketing and promoting, most Americans are familiar with river cruises in Europe.  Ships that hold no more than 200 passengers, 4-5 star dining experiences, ability to visit up to a dozen countries without packing and unpacking and exceptionally high quality sightseeing are just a few of the reasons this type of travel has become so popularOver 500,000 have experienced river cruising in Europe alone.  Make a small deposit to secure your preferred date for 2015 now.


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