Panama Canal 100th Anniversary Sailings

The Panama Canal celebrates it’s one hundredth anniversary this year.  Cruise companies have added additional sailings to ensure that all interested guests will have the opportunity to see the canal one last time prior to its update. The canal will undergo massive changes in the near future, with the widening of the canal and locks being the most dramatic overhaul in its history.

The canal was built 100 years ago to allow, for the first time, the ability for ships to cross from the east coast of the United States to the west coast of the USA without the need to travel south to Cape Horn at the bottom of South America.

While several cruise companies will have complete passages through the canal, others will have cruises leaving Florida with a partial passage to Gamboa then return to Florida.  This will allow guests to experience the Panama Canal in less time and without the need for a flight home from California.

Most cruise ships will make stops in Cartagena, Columbia and ports in Central America en route to the Canal software collaboration tools.  For many, this opportunity to see one of the great engineering marvels of the world is reason enough to make the trip in 2014.

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