How to renew a child passport in the USA

Form DS11 Passport Application
Form DS11 Passport Application

To renew a passport that was originally issued to a child, there are special steps that need to be taken:

Renewing passport if the applicant is now over age 16:

This is how to renew a child’s passport.   The applicant will need to appear at the post office in person.  Many post offices now require an applicant to have an appointment in advance, so call ahead.  It’s a great idea to always have a valid passport so opportunities aren’t missed.

Print and fill out your two page form DS-11 but do not sign it until you are in the interview.

Bring a 2 inch by 2 inch picture for the passport.  These can be purchased at most corner pharmacies for under $10.

Bring the original passport and a paper copy of the page with your picture and passport number on it.  If your current passport is unavailable, bring a raised seal birth certificate.

Bring your driver’s license or other government issued ID and a paper copy of the front and back.

Bring a check to pay your fee.  Fees are currently $110 plus $25 processing fee for regular submissions.

Consider paying ad additional $12.75 for overnight return delivery for security purposes.

Before turning your original over to the interviewer for submission, take a picture of it on your phone.  If it gets lost or there is a processing problem, it will really help out to have all of that information handy.

Allow up to 6 weeks for processing and delivery.

How to renew child passport if the applicant is under age 16:

In addition to the items above, the following is needed.

The total cost will now be $105 which includes a $25 processing fee.

Present parental consent unless the parents names are on the original birth certificate.

Both parents will need to appear in person at the interview of provide a notorized form DS-3053.


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