Seals own the benches in San Cristobel Galapagos

San Cristobel Seal on his bench
San Cristobel Seal on his bench

Sometimes, we like to get off the beaten path.  This sleeping seal is on Main St., San Cristobel Island, Galapagos.  We arrived by plane in February and when we departed the airport, we saw white pickup trucks offering rides.  We also saw a sort of paved road and were told Main St. was less than a mile, so we walked.  The benches in this picture were right across from the restaurants and shops of this little town.  The seals were everywhere and they obviously call this island home.  I was happy to let them have their space really, it meant they weren’t bothered by us or us by them.  Behind the bench is the sea, a few feet in front of the bench is Main St. with hotels, restaurants and shops – a few of each.

Sometimes, we would walk on Main Street and see more than a hundred seals hanging out on the sea wall, on the many benches and even playing on the children’s slide and play area.  They did make us feel like the outsiders since the locals let them bask wherever they like.

Charles Darwin certainly chose the right place to study animals.  They have no fear of humans because they’re cherished by their community.  This is not a place to wing it; have a travel agent help you plan your time to the fullest.

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