Self drive Ireland vacations

Cliffs Ireland
Arian Island Cliffs Ireland

A self drive Ireland vacation will be the perfect getaway for an independent traveler or a multigenerational family group.  This type of vacation will allow you the flexibility to stop for pub grub for a whole afternoon or just long enough for a quick pick.

Overnight accommodations might be simple bed and breakfasts, traditional hotels, or five star castles; you might enjoy a combination of all of these places.  With a bed and breakfast experience, you will meet an Irish family and get to know things about their heritage and way of life.  The most friendly and welcoming people in the world, you may even decide to spend a few nights and explore your family trees together.  After all, there are over 50 million Americans who have roots in Ireland, and nearly every Irish family has a relative in America.

While in the Emerald Island, you might drive your own car for all or part of the week while you enjoy the Irish countryside.  Other transportation options include busses, trains, and even ferries or small planes for a few specific side trips such as the Arian Islands.  If you do want a rental car, remember it will most likely have a manual transmission and you will need to keep left.

Independent tours involve planning with your travel agent.  Together, you will decide on your destinations within Ireland, the types of overnight accommodations you are interested in, the sights you will visit and the entertainment that interests you.  It will all be mapped out for you with lots of flexibility to allow you to enjoy the moment.  After all, who knows if you’ll run into a long lost cousin at lunch on your first day.

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