Save money on vacation|six things travel agents wish you knew

snake juice in Cambodia
Snake juice-know what you are getting

There are six things travel agents wish you knew about prior to booking.

1.  Travel agents can take care of all the logistics around travel.  Say you book your own air, what next?  A travel agent will be sure that all of the little things are taken care of, the transfers, hotels, tours and excursions, etc.

2.  When things go wrong, it’s great to have a person with a phone number to reach out to.  For instance, you loose your passport, weather prevents you from taking one of your excursions and you’d like to reschedule or refund, your flight is cancelled and you need a hotel, you need to cancel your trip and need help with the insurance company.  The list goes on forever, a travel agent can help.

3.  Some on line feedback is not done by real guests. How do you wade through the hundreds of hotels at a new location and guess which ones are in the area you want.  It could take hours for an individual to do all that research.

4.  Nearly everyone travelling outside of the USA should have travel insurance and it is very reasonably priced.  The reasons to have insurance far outweigh the risk of not having it.  It’s almost always a better value to purchase from an agent than from a resort, airline or tour operator.

5.  Travel agents often have incentives and other offering that will bring more value to a vacation package.  They can take care of upgrades and changes through their networks.

6. Travel agents are familiar with many destinations, and are able to make suggestions that meet your families needs exactly.  It’s this personalized service that can turn a vacation into a lifetime memory.


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