Spotting birds and wildlife during Amazon River cruise

Spotting Wildlife

Each morning, we began the day at sunrise with a skiff exploration.  The birds were particularly active in the early morning, with parakeets and toucan often flying overhead.  A number of species, new to North Americans, were spotted each day.  One of our guides carried a birding book and could easily identify and locate descriptions for us.

Heron on the shore of the Amazon River
Heron on the Amazon River

The white heron, no matter how often I see it in my backyard at home or in the Amazon River will always be the most beautiful and graceful creature in my mind.  Most mornings, I was able to spot at least one and enjoy it’s tranquility.

We normally got back to the ship at about 8 a.m. for breakfast.  Sometimes,we had another expedition, either on the skiffs or on shore, later in the morning.  As much as I loved coming upon colonies of monkeys, I was also obsessed with the sounds of these creatures playing and squawking in the trees.  They moved so quickly that it was likely the first evidence of their whereabouts, after the sound, was the tree branches flailing from their jumps.

If there could possibly be a slower animal than the turtle, it has to be the three toed sloth.  We saw them again and again in the trees and they always just looked like blobs.  Only once did we see one on the move, but we saw dozens just hanging out.

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