Tipping guidelines for Tourists in China

Tipping guidelines for tourists in China; it’s always important to research etiquette for the country you are visiting in advance.

When traveling in China, tips are not expected for most services.  The only exception to this rule is for group tour guides. Even a private tour guide or driver doesn’t expect to receive a gratuity; they build their gratuity right into their price, as is done in many other nations.  When you receive exceptional service, though, your gratuity will be welcome by staff and is perfectly acceptable at any amount.

When dining, the meals and drinks seam expensive, but only because the gratuity is included in the price.  When comparing menu item costs to USA or other countries who tip heavily, you should reduce the price by about 25 percent to compare the dish price to a place that adds on tips and taxes.

Giant Prawn with Rice and Asparagus

This giant prawn dinner at the Marriott Hotel  in Shanghai was 190 CNY, the equivalent of $ 31.00 USD, a very good value for a fabulous meal.  In the USA, we might break this price down as follows:

Dish $24, gratuity $5, tax $2 for a total of $31.

Tomatoes are served at almost every meal, including breakfast.  Of course, the white rice is a staple at all times.

While most meals are provided on a group tour, there are always opportunities to have a nice dinner or a quick snack during the day.  The pricing was very reasonable for all of these things.

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