TSA Precheck How To Save Time at Airport Security

TSA precheck identifier on ticket
TSA precheck identifier on ticket

TSA precheck is a great new program designed to expedite passage through the security lines at several airports throughout the USA.  This is how to same time and aggravation when you travel.  Not only does it save time for participants in the program, it saves time for everyone stuck in the long lines waiting to go through security by getting others out of their queue.

Right now, the airlines are allowed to choose some passengers who are frequent travelers and others in special categories to participate for their particular flight .   Participants in the Global Entry program are automatically enrolled. To determine if you are already on the TSA precheck list, take a look at your boarding pass.  At the very top, in small letters you will see TSA Precheck typed in  I can tell you first hand that once you move to this privileged line, you will never want to go back to waiting with the crowds.To apply for the program, you will need to pay $85 USD processing fee  for a 5 year membership.  You will apply online then appear in person at a processing center for an interview and finger printing.  A background check will also be completed prior to approval.

Applications can be completed online prior to the interview.  Interview sites are located in most states and an appointment can be made at www.tsa.gov.

The first two on airport applications sites have opened with more scheduled for 2014.  Currently, the interview and finger printing can be completed at the Indianapolis Airport and the International Airport at Dulles (IAD) in Washington DC.  New York City and Los Angeles have planned openings for later this year.

As of January 2014, there are ten airlines participating in the program (listed below) at about 100 airports throughout the USA.  I’m sure this list will expand quickly throughout the year.

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines









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