Hiking Wentworth Falls in Blue Mountains Australia

Wentworth Falls Hike

Wentworth Falls Hike

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As I look back on these pictures, it is hard to believe they were all taken on one hike.  The landscape changed so drastically along the way.  We started out on a wide dirt path, almost the size of a private road, through the woods.  There were flowers blooming everywhere, even off season.

We were there in March, which is their fall.  The trees were green and the flowers were in abundant.  There were ferns everywhere complimenting the underbrush and the walkways.

After passing several waterfalls, we came to an area of cliffs and the mountains still in the distance.  They seems to be all around us, above, below and at our side.   I loved walking under the cliffs and they were just the right height to make it comfortable and cool.

As we walked, we saw and heard birds all around us.  They just love the canyon like atmosphere from the mountains and cliffs around us.  We sometimes saw or heard people in the distance, but like the hiking trails at home, there weren’t many people around on a weekday and we had most of nature to ourselves.

Interesting tree and fern

Interesting tree and fern





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