A global adventurer myself, my passion is sharing the world with others by introducing foods, cultures, adventure and relaxation in new ways.

I do this by offering personalized planning for each client. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, assistance with a cruise or flights, or a year long trip around the world, I am doing what I love when I help plan the perfect vacation for you. I work with several groups, including families, schools, adults only and community service logistics as well as individuals and couples and families.

I’ve been in the travel business for …well forever; first as an air traffic controller (my extensive knowledge of air ticketing comes from that phase of life), then as a travel planner since 2012. While I offer services for solo guests, I also plan for large groups and everything in between. I help to organize the details for unstressed travel whether you are taking on leadership of a group or exploring as an adventurist yourself.

I particularly enjoy planning more complicated destinations that aren’t easily purchased “on line”, insuring that details are taken care of during and after the sale. Clients return and refer – there is no greater compliment. My greatest passion lies in the Pacific region where I specialize in New Zealand/Australia, Hawaii, Tahiti and the Polynesian Islands as well as Japan and Thailand.

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