Oxcart ride in Cambodia village
Wendy with Jared Schoneberger riding in an oxcart in Cambodia village.

This page is all about me, Wendy Schoneberger, Vacation Planner. Thanks for visiting, travelling, and exploring new cultures with me.

For years, people have asked my advice about travel and vacation planning.  After all, I’ve logged more checkmarks on my bucket list than most people ever think of adding to their list.

Having visited over 30 countries and most states in the USA, I am happy to share my experiences-both good and bad-to help others have an enjoyable experience when away from home.  I’m all about value, getting the most for the travel dollar.  My driving force is to give you both of those things: enjoyment and value.

As a retired air traffic controller, I fantasized about every unique destination from the flight plans of Boston, New York and for a while San Francisco departing aircraft.  The more exotic the place sounded, the more intrigued I became.  I wanted to read and learn all about the people who lived there, what they ate and how they cooked it, how they arrived there and what made them unique.  These vacation dreams often led to visits, which I will share in my blogs.

Back to why I sell travel experiences: because I want everyone to experience the world and enjoy it as much as I do, whether it’s a weekend getaway, an exotic vacation or a trip around the world.  I want to share my knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, organization skills and attention to detail to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Most travelers will have a better vacation experience with concierge services that take care of the logistics and details they may not have the time or knowledge to navigate on their own.  You may feel more secure and relaxed knowing the extras have been taken care of.  There are more than 69,000 hotel rooms in New York City, which one is right for you?  How about 700+ hotels in Bangkok?  How do you choose the right one, where do you go once you’ve checked in and whom do you call if you’ve lost your passport?

Working for an online cruise specialty company, I realized I wanted to be the “go to person” for clients who want personalized service.  While I am still able to sell cruises at competitive rates, and I am happy to work with independent travelers who just need a hotel and rental car, I truly enjoy the people who would like to banter destination and travel ideas that will best fulfill their needs and budget.

Each client who books with me or through my site will be assured of the very best value, exceptional service and a travel concierge to take care of the details.   I’m happy to partner with Linahan Limousine to offer booking incentives to clients in the Manchester/Boston/Portland market.  Similar arrangements can be made in your local area also.  I welcome feedback, questions and comments and hope to hear from you soon.  Please email or call me now with questions or for a quote at 603-434-8100.

Special Needs Certified Agent
Special Needs Certified Agent


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  1. Hi Wendy:

    My sisters and I are planning a trip to Taipei, Taiwan. We are interested in flying EvaAir’s Elite class . From east coast Eva only fly out of JFK . My sister lives in Amherst MA. I am wondering if you can plan out an itinerary , starting fron BDL , to any of SF, LAX, SEA,, or IAH , then TPE, using multiple airlines? Another sister lives in DC, so it will be DC to west coast to TPE for her. There are 5 of us .
    Your name popped up on my Facebook while I was searching for the flights . 434 caught my eyes. I live in Londonderry.
    Hope to hear from you , phone or email. 434-6011

    Thank you,

    Margaret Wang

  2. Great talking with you Margaret. I just emailed you with the details of your trip. Thanks again for choosing Solo To Group Travel.

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