Avoiding Motion Sickness on a Cruise Ship

Avoiding Motion Sickness on a Cruise Ship

Rough seas on ship
Moderate seas about cruise ship

As much as I love to travel, I had to find a way to beat motion sickness.  For people like me that can feel sick at the thought of riding an elevator, certain preparations can make a big difference in allowing us to enjoy the wonders of the world.

While we are all different and the types of motion that effect us are different, there are commonalities in prevention.

The most important factor for your body will be hydration.  So, first and foremost, drink a lot of water.  This needs to begin 3 days prior to sailing and continue through your return home.  Really!  While you don’t want to feel bloated, you do want to be using the restroom often.

As I board a ship, whether it’s the 28 person river boat from my Amazon Cruise Adventure, or the cruise ship sailing to Alaska, I take a ½ Dramamine (yes, as I board the ship).  This gives me time to adjust to the slight rocking that won’t even be noticeable after a few days at sea.

Ginger is an ancient Chinese medicinal product to calm your stomach.  If you feel a bid of discomfort, have a ginger ale or a ginger flavored candy.  Even Altoids come in ginger flavor.  If this works well for you, bring along a small spice bottle and sprinkle a small portion on your foods throughout the week.

Get enough rest.  When we push our system into overdrive it tends to push back.  Fatigue can easily set in when time zones are involved.  Whenever you decide to sleep, get the full 8 hours. Yes, you are on vacation and want to make the most of your precious travel days but you might also benefit from a little relaxation.  See related post on dealing with time zones.

Stateroom location.   Choosing a stateroom in the mid ship can reduce the motion of the sea.  Also, cabins on higher decks will often be smoother on rough seas.

Follow basic rules to avoid onboard illnesses.

If you feel the headache coming on, the one that always signals the start of motion sickness, take some medicine before you feel sick.  Most meds will work in about 20 minutes and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your day.  If you didn’t bring something along, see the ship staff for a free supply.  Their main focus is your comfort.

If over the counter drugs don’t work for you, see your physician or a travel doctor for a patch or other stronger option, allowing you the freedom to do the things you want to do.

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