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Custom suit being fitted

Bangkok, Thailand is known for it’s multitude of tailor shops, all eagerly waiting to produce custom made suits and clothing for customers in just 2 to 3 days.  While a rush job for a 24 hour suit is possible, it’s better to give them time to make the quality products they are known for company website.

In our case, we had decided to use Tom’s for our custom made suit because they were recommended by a past traveler.  We took a tuk-tuk to Tom’s from our hotel.  The tuk-tuk driver really pressured us to go to a different shop, he even offered to take us there for free and finally admitted that he would received the equivalent of $35 USD just for bringing us in.  We insisted on going to Tom’s and he wasn’t happy with us.

Jared ordered and was fitted for his custom suit that morning; this was one of the main attractions that brought him to Thailand in the first place.  It was a really interesting experience.  We went early in the morning to choose the fabrics and have sizing done.  At 5 PM the next day, we went back to the store for a fitting.  He tried the pants and shirt and they made a few minor adjustments; already he looked great.

We waited around for the tailor to arrive by bicycle with his messenger bag.  Inside was the shell of the suit jacket, rolled neatly.  They put that on Jared and three guys went to work pinning and marking his jacket like they had done with his pants earlier.  They added the sleeves when they were done and pinned them.  We were told “the suit will be ready tomorrow night and delivered to our hotel”.  Just crazy.  He is going to look good for prom this year.  Our itinerary was very full for our week in Bangkok, but we were glad we fit the tailor in early.

The suit, along with two dress shirts and ties, that were also custom made from his choice of fabrics and colors, was delivered as promised and fit to perfection.  The suit bag was sturdy enough to travel for another 3 weeks and to be used for future travels.  While there are several reputable and professional tailors to choose from, we were very happy with Tom’s.

This fabric and workmanship are a better quality than anything off the shelf in the USA.  The cut and fit are impeccable and the price was fantastic, at under $200 USD for the entire package.  The next time over, I may have some dresses or suits made for myself.

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