Meet people on cruise ships-traveling solo

Whether traveling solo or with a group, you may want to meet new people while onboard  your cruise ship.   No matter what your interests, age group or heritage, there are endless opportunities to meet people on board a cruise ship.

Group canoe trip
Solos on a group canoe trip

If you feel shy, just take the first step and attend a seminar or training session. Almost everyone else in the room will have something in common with you, the session topic.  Chat with your neighbor about their interest or experience in that field.

For those with a little more nerve, go to one of the meet ups on board during the first few days.  Within the first twenty four hours on board, there were meetups for LGBT, swing dancers, bridge players, gamblers, young adults aged 18-25, singles and solo travelers and Friends of Bill.  Get to one of the meetups and just commit to stay for 20 minutes.  Again, you will have a common goal with other guests, if they joined it, it means they also want to meet people.

Choose a ship where all guests are assigned a table for dinner each night.  Solo travelers will have the most opportunity to meet people if they choose the larger table option, say 8 or 10 people.  Dinner conversations often lead to finding common interests and networking opportunities.  You already have one major dinner topic in common – travel.

Shore excursions are also a great way to meet people from your ship as well as from other ships.  If you choose an activity that really interests you, there will be like minded people along.  For instance, a young and active adult may choose a strenuous hike where an older person may choose a tram ride.  Both will arrive at the top of the mountain and both will enjoy the day with new found companions.

Take some time to enjoy your own solitude.  Too often, we run from one thing to the next in our daily lives without taking a moment to sit down.  Maybe a few hours on your veranda watching for whales is just what your mind and soul need to replenish during your vacation.  Relax and enjoy yourself.

Make good choices when you do meet new friends.  Stay in public places and when you leave the ship, travel in groups.  I’ve met and worked with several solo travelers who have found life long friendships and travel companions while onboard ships or on group tours.

One of my specialties is solo travel.  I know the companies that cater to singles, both on land and sea.  Some companies charge as much as 200% extra as a supplement for a single cabin or room.  Other companies welcome singles and don’t charge a supplement at all.  It is even possible with some ships to book as a single looking for someone to share and they will match you up.  If you really prefer to have a companion for meals and such, this may be the best choice for you.  Most solo guests prefer their own sleeping quarters and that’s where I come in.  Don’t wait to find a travel partner; you won’t believe how many will come forward after you’ve booked.  Call today to discuss your travel dreams.   603-434-8100 or [email protected].  I hope to wish you a bon voyage soon.

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