Packing List for Alaskan Cruise

Packing list for Alaskan Cruise

I don’t worry about many belongings when traveling, since there are stores available onboard and at ports with almost anything you could need or want.  The most common item that clients say they needed and didn’t have was an extra suitcase for all the stuff they purchased.  See a winter vacation packing list for Alaska to compare.

Electronically speaking, I would be really disappointed to forget my gadgets.  Be sure you have:

Camera, charger, memory cards

Cell phone and charger (most carriers include Alaska in their US plans, but check)

Headphones for your personal music as well as any bus tours you might take

Binoculars (although I only used mine on a few days, they were well worth it)

E reader and charger (or paper books like your travel guide)

Ipad or laptop if you feel the need to stay connected.  While ships offer wifi for a fee, a high fee, most ports are right in the center of town and libraries often have free wifi to check mail or flights.

Walkie Talkies are an excellent replacement for keeping in touch when cell phones aren’t working at sea.

Onboard, you may want to have your toiletries, any medications you take on a regular basis or those you would want if you get ill (Dramamine, Tylenol, etc), swim suit, daily casual clothing and a variety of workout gear if you plan to go to the gym.

This is one of the few times that I agree with my girls.  You can’t bring enough shoes.  Be sure to include the hiking boots (it gets pretty muddy with all the rain), sandals for the spa or pool, sneakers for working out or walking the deck, dress shoes for formal nights (we had two) and casual shoes for smart casual dining.

Be prepared for rain
Be prepared for rain

Dress in layers, they call it the “onion look” here in Alaska.  Several light layers, with a waterproof jacket on top.  I tended to wear a fleece jacket with my waterproof jacket on top for at least a small portion of each day.  One came off, the other came off, then I started alternating back and forth.  The weather changes rapidly from cold and overcast to rain on one side of town and sunshine on the other end of town. Remember the towns aren’t that big!

If you are on a ship that requires formal attire for certain evenings, think about dresses in fabrics that don’t wrinkle. While there is access to an iron onboard, I didn’t want to spend my time that way.  For men, a suit jacket and tie are the norm at these dinners.

While there are options for those who don’t want to participate in formal evenings, the lobster dinner is well worth the extra effort and much nicer than eating in the buffet.  For travelers who really want to spend their vacation relaxing in casual attire, be sure to choose the cruise ship that works best for your wishes.  Call now for information and advice at 603-434-8100.

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