Turnagain Arm Alaska in Winter

Turn Again Arm Alaska
Turn Again Arm Alaska

Less than two hours outside of Anchorage, one of America’s most scenic roads, Turnagain Arm, is a must see area during winter or summer.  On this crisp February day, the temperatures were hovering at about 20 farenheit, the wind was calm and the blue sky was the perfect backdrop.  It makes me look forward to reaching Alyeska’s winter playground.

The mountains, grew taller and closer as we left the city, soon towering over the road in all their glory.  Pristine white snow seemed to cling to the peaks, ready for an avalanche at the least change in conditions.  With mountains on both sides, above lakes and meadows, the scenery was endless and flawless.

The gullies below showing the route the previous snow slide had taken, proved the need for a knowledgeable guide for those who wanted to back country ski, snowboard or snow shoe on the east side or snow machine on the right.  The snow machine like to play dare with the mountain by racing straight up as fast as they can go; as soon as the stop, they make a 180 and ride down before the snow follows.

On the other side of the road, the skiers and snowboarders are enjoying the deep snow experience too.  Many have their dogs along, sometimes pulling them up the hills and sometimes just playing together along the trails or off the trails.  Each skier will carry a shovel and wear a GPS locator, as the risks are high in this adventurous sport. With twelve hours of daylight, even in February, they can get in a full day of skiing one day and a full day of ice climbing another day.

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