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In Australia, visitors have many options and opportunities for adventure.

Australia, that spot in the Indian Ocean between Southeast Asia and Antarctica, is actually about the size of the entire United States but with just one tenth of the US population.  This means there are many diverse regions from the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest reef system in the world, to Tasmania in the south with the cleanest air in the world.   

Sitting in the Southern Hemisphere, summer is between December and March, but this large country has a very temperate climate that makes it great for almost year round tourism.  July is the coldest month when nighttime frost is likely in many areas.  Still the mountainous areas will enjoy snow in winter.  

In Australia, visitors have the unique opportunity to see wallaby, koala and kangaroos in their natural environment.  For adventure, the land and water opportunities are endless from snorkel and scuba to beautiful beaches, mountains, outback hikes and river rafting.  The Aborigine population has been on Australia for over 50,000 years and look forward to sharing their love of food, fishing, night sky and adventure.    

Most Americans will arrive in Sydney and spend some time in this beautiful city.  This will almost certainly include a visit to the Sydney Opera House. Since driving is on the left and drinking/driving laws are so strict, many guests prefer to have prearranged travel plans which might include air, train, bus travel or packaged tours.  Most first time guests  stay on the east coast visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney and New South Wales areas.  With more time, the Melbourne and southern areas are easy flights.  Short cruises are a great way to see different areas as well.

For travelers who are fortunate enough to have several weeks to vacation, Australia is a great combination with New Zealand, which is about a 5 hour flight or a popular cruise line combo.  Japan, Tahiti and Hawaii are also great options on an eight hour flight.

Jared and a kanga family at the beach.
Average daily rainfall in Australia by region
Sydney Bridge Walkers in Australia
The famous bridge in Sydney Australia
Sydney Opera House
Seal Island at Philips
Koala in a tree
A horse at Churchill Farm on Philip Island
Trentham Falls from above.
Wendy with the crazy growth of branches of a tree
Wendy on unique landscape at Pebbles Beach
A tunnel in a mountain
Three kangaroos in a field
A kangaroo in the brush
Jenolin Caves in Australia
A woman laying on a bench at Echo Point Hike
A person hiking up a path at Wentworth Falls
Wendy standing near mountain terrain at Wentworth Falls
Wendy overlooking mountains and clouds at Wentworth Falls
A waterfall at Wentworth Falls
A gondola carrying people across a gorge