Pacific Region

The Islands of Tahiti including Bora Bora

French Polynesia is made up of 118 islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

The most well known are Tahiti and Bora Bora, but once visitors decide to travel to the Islands, they most often will visit three of more, and often prefer the lesser known islands depending on their personal interests.  Most start on the island of Tahiti which has the international airport with several flights from the USA and the rest of the world.

The Islands of Tahiti are known for romance, amazing scenery, coral reefs, crystal clear waters, and year round water and air temps of about 80 degrees and romance.   French Polynesia has about as many guests in an entire year as Hawaii has in a week, so there won’t be any crowds.  This destination offers a true and authentic cultural experiences and welcoming smiles.

Known mainly for water activities, this is a sailing, snorkeling, diving and water sports focused vacation for most guests.  Still, there are many opportunities for hiking, ATV tours, golf, bike riding and getting to know the locals.  

Overwater bungalows are a great option for privacy and amazing water views; some have air conditioning, glass floors, private pools and incredible views.  Still, they aren’t the only option as resorts here come in all shapes, sizes, personalities and pleasures.  Speak with a travel advisor about the best fit for you.

Cruising is also a great option when visiting the Islands of Tahiti.  These include luxury and cargo ships, small yachts, sailing vessels and sometimes mega ships.  With so many options, there really is a great fit for every traveler and cruising is often matched up with a land package to enhance the overall vacation experience.

A golf course and the ocean in Tahiti, Green Pearl Golf
The ocean and mountains with blue sky in Tahiti
Two women dancing hula in Tahiti
A female hula dancer on a beach in Tahiti
A traditional female hula dancer teaching a woman how to dance on the beach in Tahiti
A female hula dancer in Tahiti
A traditional female hula dancer teaching a woman how to dance on the beach in Tahiti
Travelers happily learn how to hula dance on the beach in Tahiti.
People's feet with leis in the sand
A woman doing yoga in Tahiti with the ocean and mountains as a backdrop.
A boat of people on the waters in Tahiti
A rock climber in Tahiti
People on the beaches of Tahiti
Sunset over the water in Tahiti
A turtle swimming in the deep blue ocean
A scuba diver observing a turtle in the deep blue waters
A stingray from below in the ocean
A shark from below in the ocean.
Many fish in the ocean
A school of fish swimming over coral
A school of fish swimming towards the camera
An arial view of an Island in the ocean
A romantic dinner set up on the beaches of Tahiti at sunset. Bora Bora
A gentleman holding a drink and walking towards the water.
A pool scene with the view of the ocean, with palm trees.
Two lounge chairs under an umbrella overlooking the beaches in Bora Bora
Huts in Bora Bora surrounded by water
Parasailing in the ocean with a green boat and red and white parachute.
People in a boat in crystal blue waters
A boat on the blue waters in the middle of the ocean.
Arial view of tropical islands in the ocean
A bird's eye view of two people on a jet ski on crystal blue waters.
A view of the underwater ecosystem with coral, sharks and fish.
Sharks underwater.
Sharks underwater.
Huts at sunset with palm trees in Bora Bora
Huts in Bora Bora, people paddle boarding and a hotel employee delivering fruit.
A young boy playing on the beach.
Wendy pretend surfing on a wave and surfboard sculpture.
A fish underwater.
A close up of a sea turtle underwater.
A shark underwater with a scuba diver viewing it swim by.
Pearl Market.
Massage on the water
A man holding an octopus
A man holding a red octopus
Two massage beds side by side in a patio setting with tropical plants.