New Zealand World of Wearable Art WOW Museum

One of many unique dresses on display in the WOW Museum
One of many unique dresses on display in the WOW Museum

Our first stop in Nelson was the WOW Museum featuring the World of Wearable Art and Antique and Unique Car displays. They do manage to have something for everyone. Born through an expansion of the local art culture and galleries, this display focuses on art that is designed to be worn.   Many of these garments are actually winners of the International Wearable Art Awards Show, an international design competition which takes place in New Zealand each September. Art is taken off the wall to adorn the body in wildly wonderful ways and choreographed into an exciting and popular show that can be seen for three weekends in September/October. Winners and other unique entries are then exhibited in the WOW museum and the entire exhibit is changed out twice each year.

A 40 minute video runs continuously in a theatre where guests can come and go as they please. It was amazing to see the choreography and creativity that go into this show. If I were in New Zealand in their spring time, I would definitely make a point of attending this show. I would even consider building a trip around this event, it’s just so unique.

One dress on display at WOW Museum New Zealand
One dress on display at WOW Museum

DSCN1039 WOW Museum (24)A walk through the museum can be accomplished in less than an hour, but it’s worth spending some time watching the show video. There is also a wonderful café on site serving varied and flavorful coffees and teas as well as food items.

My pictures just don’t do justice to this display, but I am posting a few teasers here anyway. While it’s hard to choose one thing that I liked the best, from the very versatile and unique options, I really liked the works of the American artists, pictured here. OK, maybe it’s favoritism because all of the countries had amazing ideas. See more images in the gallery.

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