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New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand

New Zealand is roughly the size of Japan, but unlike Japan with 125 million people, New Zealand has just 4.5 million.  Just 12 hours from the USA, but in the Southern Hemisphere, we can enjoy winter sports from July to September and New Zealand’s warmest temperatures between December and March.

New Zealand is made up to two main islands and a few smaller ones as well.  The North and South Islands can be explored with easy flights between all major cities, by scenic train to some locations, or in a camper van or car (driving on the left).  Hiking and biking are also very popular.

Nearly every sport you can think of is available in NZ, plus a few more.  The All Blacks are the national rubgy team and most beloved by the kiwis.  Skiing and snowboarding are popular during the winter season and water sports, beaches, fishing, hiking and biking are just a few of the summer pastimes.  Birders and nature enthusiasts will love seeing penguins, albatross, gannet, dolphins, whales and, of course, the flightless birds kiwi birds in their natural environments.  Hiking and biking tracks, as well as one track for kayaks rival national park offerings worldwide with easy to follow trails and services for all levels of ability.  Extreme and adventure sports abound with some opportunities that most Americans don’t even know exist.

Endless opportunities for food tastings, fine dining, wine and beer making are endless and varied in each region.  Most vineyard welcome visitors for tastings, lunches and tours.  

Cultural and historical experiences compete with movie locations and sets when it comes to deciding how to spend travel days.  This is truly a destination with many things for everyone and most guests could be wanting more even after several weeks visiting this enchanted land.

A street sign showing how far many places around the world are from Tauranga Bay
A man and his son riding a bike across the red Taramakau Road Rail Bridge
The shire at sunset
Ship Creek. A group of four people walking on a boardwalk in the rainforests
Reflections of the rainforests of New Zealand
Wendy cross country skiing in Queenstown
Two people sitting by the water on a rocky beach in Queenstown
Wendy standing on rocks in a river
A town in New Zealand
Wendy leaning and posing against a Nomad Safaris jeep on a dirt road
Wendy and a young man standing with the view of water and a town
A view of Queenstown
A kiwi
Two people riding bikes over a suspension bridge, Motu Trails
A man standing at the waters edge on Monro Beach
Lake Ruataniwha, Canterbury
A kiwi
Karamea, a long exposure of water in the rainforest
Two people walking through a river with a waterfall behind them.
Three people hiking on icebergs
Franz Josef with an ice pick on a glacier
Three people with ice picks and hiking on a glacier
Four people taking in their surroundings in a snowy environment, with a helicopter behind them
A field with sheep, mountains with snow and the moon.
A person riding a bike across a bridge over a river
A person, from behind, riding a bike down a trail towards a tunnel shaped like a house.
Two tables, each with a couple, enjoy glasses of wine on a patio at a winery
The shire at sunset