Visiting Alaska in Winter Time

Alyeska Resort Alaska
Alyeska Resort Alaska

Most people consider visiting Alaska during the summer.  Coming from New England, I decided to visit in the winter time.  The weather in Anchorage and the Seward area is pretty similar to my home state of New Hampshire during the winter months and the scenery can’t be found anywhere else on earth.

My favorite part of traveling is getting to know the locals and seeing their scenic land and  how they live.  While July guests to Alaska have the benefit of warmer weather and more cruise and train travel options, the bustling city looks nothing like the home the locals love during the other ten months of the year.

We arrived in Anchorage for the last week in February to participate in the festivities leading up to the Iditarod dog sled races.  While in town, we took the beautiful Turnagain Arm scenic road to Seward then on to Alyeska Resort and Ski Area for a few days on the slopes.

While in Alyeska, we went dog sledding at night.  The snow is so white and pure that it looks like there are diamonds sparkling through it.  Even late at night, a field of snow has sparkles that light the way.  The dogs, naturally nocturnal animals,  train best at the lower temperatures during the night and while their energy is highest.  It was about 10 degrees farenheit during our mush, which was chilly, although we came dressed properly and were able to enjoy the clear skies, the sound of the snow under the skis and the beautiful snow cover.  I’m sure this authentic experience could only be found in the winter months.

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