Europe and Beyond

Who doesn’t want to go back to their roots or learn history the fun way? What foodie could ever pass over a cooking class in Italy or a salmon bake in Scandinavia? Where’s the best destination for a shopper, a walker, cyclist, river cruiser, ocean cruiser or music and art lover? What country has the best olive oils and spices? You will need to see it for yourself to decide and we are here to help make the bucket list items a reality.

Wendy in Santorini
St. Andrews Cathedral Ruins
A wooden boat on a dock next to the ocean, with a red hut.
A bowl of soup
A building with elaborate architecture in Europe
Red roses surrounding a doorway of a white building
Smogen, a walkway in Europe
Colorful buildings on a canal
A young girl happily sitting in front of a plate of chicken and potatoes
The view of a European city with colorful buildings, lining a canal
An elaborate buildings architecture through a silhouetted doorway.
A portrait of Wendy on the canal of Venice, Italy.
Venice, Italy
A man looking over the edge of a ship on a sunny day on the water.
Wendy in Santorini, Greece.
Wendy and her husband in Santorini, Greece.
A castle tower in Ireland.
Eire. A room with a purple glow, lots of people and candles.
A young girl smiling and looking at a gentleman dressed in period clothing in Ireland.
Wendy and her family posing in front of a castle in Ireland.
A castle on a hill
A castle with blue skies and trees.
Wendy with a bird on her arm.
Wendy wearing a headscarf in front of a rock wall.
A cooked whole fish on a plate with potatoes and lemon garnish.
Wendy holding a beer at The Lowest Bar in the World at the Dead Sea
Wendy posing in front of a waterfall in Iceland.
Wendy in Iceland in surrounded by fields, water and a mountain.
A rainbow over the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
A statue in Pompeii
A statue and fountain
Wendy with a young man standing in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.