Alaska, Antarctica and Polar Region


I was determined to get to Antarctica to see the wildlife, which was amazing and more abundant than I could have imagined.  But I can’t wait to get back there for the diverse scenery, icebergs, glaciers, ice fields, beaches, rocks and colors of the water; all continuously changing at different parts of the day and night. I just can’t get enough of this peaceful hidden gem at the bottom of the earth.  Let me help you plan your perfect picture or join my next group trip.  

Not everyone dreams of lying on the beach for their vacation.  For explorers, skiers, wildlife enthusiasts and especially photographers, options for expeditions are endless.  Keeping seasons in mind, we will recommend the right time and the right place to fulfill your bucket list getaways.


Wendy posing next to a flag in Antarctica
A view of waters and mountains in Antarctica with a bird flying through
A sea lion with it's mouth open while another lies still on the ground.
A whale peeking out of the ocean while taking a breath in Antarctica
Penguins walking in a line down a hill of snow.
Ice and icebergs in Antarctica
People kayaking through the icy waters in Antarctica
A seal lying on the snow
A seal lying on the snow.
Wendy posing on the snow with a penguin in the background
Views of snowy hills and mountains in Antarctica
A person photographing with a telephoto lens on a grey day in Antarctica
People hiking up a snowy mountain in a line.
An iceberg with a big boat in the Arctic Ocean
Snowy mountains and penguins in Antarctica
Many penguins with one penguin tending to it's baby at the base of it's feet.
Sunset shining on an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean
A whale tail about to submerge on a dive peeking out of the Arctic Ocean
People hiking down a snowy mountain towards the water
A penguin
A bird flying over the Arctic Ocean
The reflection of a mountain in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean in Antarctica
Icy waters in Antarctica with mountains shining in the sunset in the distance
An iceberg in the Arctic waters.
Snowy mountains and terrain in Antarctica
People hiking in the snowy mountains and hills of Antarctica
Penguins, one standing and one laying.
Many penguins nearby, standing and playing in the ocean.
A bird flying in the blue sky
An arctic shelf of ice
An iceberg and two boats, one large and one small, in the Arctic
Snowy mountains in the sunshine
Snowy mountains in the shadows of a warm cloudy sky.
Penguins on a hill overlooking a large ship on the Arctic Ocean.
A penguin
Terrain in the sun in Antarctica
A landscape of snowy terrain and icy seas in Antarctica
A bird flying off of the waters of the Arctic Ocean
Snowy mountains in Antarctica
Snowy mountains in Antarctica
Birds flying over the oceans in Antarctica
Icebergs in the oceans in Antarctica
Icebergs and ice shelves in Antarctica
People getting on a boat in the oceans of Antarctica.
Penguins on some rock surrounded by snowy mountains in Antarctica
A seal laying happily on the land.